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Environmental Policy

At PolyGlobal our commitment to responsible environmental action is one of our main company priorities.

We continually strive to improve our performance in all our environmental operations and activities, and where possible we have worked with our business partners to achieve this goal.


Our primary considerations in this respect are:

  • Energy usage
  • Waste reduction
  • Raw material


Our practises and policies to address these considerations:

  • We adopt the highest environmental and Health & Safety practises across the company to reduce risks and hazards for employees, visitors and customers.
  • We optimise our operations so that we work efficiently with raw materials and energy.
  • We include environmental and ethical considerations when discussing and comparing all capital investment decisions.
  • We develop solutions to any potential direct and significant environmental problem.
  • We develop guidelines and train our employees in codes of practice that encourage successful implementation of these policies.
  • We continually monitor all programs to ensure they remain in line with existing legislation and are cost-effective and role specific.
  • We expect similar environmental standards from our suppliers and contractors.


Where possible, we take additional steps to ensure we are working responsibly:

  • Our waste material is reused where possible
  • Any waste material that is not able to be reused is recycled
  • Packaging materials are reused
  • Any remaining waste material is recycled


Non production material and office waste is again minimised and recycled

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