Recycling Case Study – Scraper Blade

PolyGlobal’s polyurethane scraper blades are manufactured to offer high levels of abrasion and wear resistance.


PolyGlobal were recently approached by Bryson Recycling, an existing customer, with a request for a hard wearing plastic strip to be used as a blade on a telehandler bucket.

Telehandler buckets are used to push waste material into bays at their recycling facility in Northern Ireland and therefore the strips needed to be able to withstand high levels of abrasion and pressure whilst offering a long operating lifespan.

PolyGlobal are specialists in the cast moulding of polyurethane, enabling them to advise Bryson Recycling accordingly.


Project Development

Bryson Recycling were using steel blades on their telehandler buckets but were looking to replace these with a material offering reduced friction to prevent surface damage and sparking and a reduction in noise.

The experienced team at PolyGlobal were able to recommend a polyester based polyurethane system.

The polyester material grades offered by PolyGlobal were an ideal material choice due to their excellent abrasion resistance, toughness and flexibility.

Polyester offers key advantages over other materials including excellent durability, high load bearing capacity, high flex life and good resistance to weather, oil and most solvents.

Initially a blade was manufactured in 90A shore hardness. After a trial period, Bryson Recyling decided a more rigid option was required.

PolyGlobal modified the hardness of the blade, switching to polyurethane at 60D shore hardness which satisfied the balance of material characteristics with the required operating life span.

Solution Advantages

  • Reduced friction, noise and surface damage
  • Increased operating lifespan
  • Minimised downtime and reduced costs


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