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Posted on: 1st Nov 2018

PolyGlobal are a moulding specialist and industry leader in moulded solutions. From their Wakefield based manufacturing site they have manufactured cast moulded parts for over 30 years.

As well as offering a bespoke mould design and production service, PolyGlobal carry an extensive library of standard product moulds for polyurethane rods, blocks, sheets, rollers and seals which are available for immediate production. They can also manufacture temporary moulds from sample products providing cost effective solutions.

Their experience and expertise enables them to offer a flexible and responsive service.

Image of cast moulded products on factory shelving

Cast Moulding

Cast Moulding is a manufacturing process in which a liquid thermosetting polymer is poured into a mould and allowed to solidify. The part is then ejected or broken out of the mould.
This process allows for larger and heavier parts to be moulded than in PolyGlobal’s injection moulding process.

Cast moulding is ideally suited to lower production volumes but still provides a wide range of material options allowing PolyGlobal to recommend specific materials suitable for specific operating environments.

Image of cast moulding process


PolyGlobal offer a range of polyurethanes in their cast moulding department.

Polyurethanes are renowned for being tough, flexible and abrasion resistant. They also offer high flex life, high load bearing capacity and good resistance to weather, ozone, radiation, oil and most solvents.

In addition to this. polyurethane offers a broad hardness range. This flexibility means polyurethane is ideal for facilitating solutions that are required to meeting specific operating requirements in critical industries.

PolyGlobal’s cast moulded polyurethane components are available in both Polyester and Polyether:


Polyesters are ideally suited to abrasion and high load bearing applications such as scraper blades and aggregate screens utilised in Construction and Aggregate Screening industries.

They also provide excellent damping solutions such as shock and vibration absorbers.

Image of conveyor beltAggregate Screen

Polyesters have excellent resistance to chemicals and oils however their chemical structure makes them susceptible to hydrolysis and so not suitable for water-based applications.

More information on Polyesters, including technical data sheets, is available on PolyGlobal’s website.


Polyethers offer excellent rebound properties as well as high impingement abrasion resistance.

They are ideally suited to high abrasion applications. They offer excellent low temperature performance and are more resistant to hydrolysis than polyesters, therefore they are better suited to water based environments.

Typical applications include Offshore protection solutions including bend restrictors, bend stiffeners, cable clamps, chafe protectors and bullnose protectors.

Image of cast moulded productImage of cast moulded product

Polyethers offer lower resistance to chemicals and oils in comparison to polyesters.

More information on Polyethers, including technical data sheets, is available on PolyGlobal’s website.

PolyGlobal has seen rapid growth in Cast Moulded solutions. In response to this, earlier this year they invested substantially in a new Covestro Baulé® Universal Dispensing Machine . The Baulé® Universal Machine is a reliable processing machine dedicated to efficiently manage daily production. With its flexibility and productivity, it can be used for all types of polyurethane casting techniques.

For more information on please contact PolyGlobal via marketing@polyglobal.co.uk.

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