Work Experience Day 1 Blog

Posted on: 5th Jul 2016

The first day of work experience is usually an awkward and nerve wracking time. With having very little knowledge of what PolyGlobal did, I didn’t exactly feel prepared for my first day. However, after having an introductory session and tour around the building with Andy (my work experience mentor), I felt incredibly relaxed and immediately understood what PolyGlobal was about. Without being disrespectful, it shocked me how a seemingly unknown company in Wakefield, manufactured parts to huge businesses all over the world, to countries such as China and companies like Toyota. Having realised the magnitude and success of the company, I immediately became excited to begin my work in the marketing department.

Throughout the morning I was given the task of scrutinising the various existing social media sites, devising my own targets of how to improve them and ways of helping to extend the PolyGlobal brand to more companies and people on the internet. For example, one of my suggestions to improve Twitter, was to create more of a personal feel, bringing more images of the people behind the brand, with accompanying stories. The team at PolyGlobal (trying not to be a sycophant) are incredibly friendly and warming, something I believe needs to be seen by customers, as it helps to show the close knit quality that has made this company a success for the past thirty years. In addition to this, the Instagram page and Facebook page are quite low on likes, so over the next few days I’m aiming to boost these numbers, possibly through more engagement and user activity. Throughout this week I’ll keep you updated on my developments and if they succeed or fail miserably!

Thanks for reading!

Matthew Rees



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