Giving you the Confidence to Reshore

Posted on: 12th May 2020

Reshoring is the practice of transferring a business operation that was moved overseas back to the country from which it was originally relocated.

There are many reasons why a company may look to move their manufacturing processes closer to home, including:

  • Cost
  • Logistics
  • Product & service quality

Understandably, the decision to reshore your manufacturing can present a number of risks which should all be considered carefully.

Some of the risks involved in reshoring:

  • Technical issues or challenges.
  • Disruption to production.
  • Changes in quality.
  • Cost implications.

How PolyGlobal take the risk out of reshoring

Giving you the Confidence to Reshore

PolyGlobal are a UK manufacturer, with every aspect of manufacturing taking place at their site in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Being located geographically closer to suppliers and customers can often mean reduced carriage costs and faster lead times as well as a reduced carbon footprint. This supports PolyGlobal’s environmental policy, alongside their range of environmentally friendly, recycled material options, and responsible practices and policies.

Their full in-house manufacturing service enables PolyGlobal to offer versatile manufacturing options. This allows them to provide more flexibility for production quantities and modifications as well as stock holding, bespoke colour options and specific bespoke details including engravings and identification marks.

Raw material supplier partnerships

Almost 35 years of experience in the engineering plastics manufacturing industry have enabled PolyGlobal to form strong working partnerships with some of the world’s leading raw material suppliers. This gives them the ability to compare materials and offer recommendations based on specific application requirements.

All materials supplied by PolyGlobal are supported by technical data sheets, describing the specific characteristics and technical performance of each material, giving you confidence in the material selection process.

PolyGlobal also work in collaboration with the Polymer Research Centre at the University of Bradford to offer material identification and testing,

Buying in volume, directly from raw material suppliers, also enables PolyGlobal to remain competitive on both pricing and lead time.

Full in-house service with rapid prototyping

PolyGlobal provide full-service supply from initial drawings, sketches or samples through to CAD modelling, 3D printed prototypes and mould manufacture, through to full, final production runs. From the very start of a project, their experienced team work closely in collaboration with customers, ensuring the required part is manufactured to suit specific applications.

PolyGlobal’s 3D printing service enables them to design and create high quality, bespoke prototypes and samples of components at significantly reduced lead times.

3D printed prototyping offers the benefit of seeing a part come to life before the full commitment to final tool manufacture. Their fully integrated system of hardware, software and materials allow PolyGlobal to deliver the complete professional 3D printing service.

Flexible manufacturing options

Injection moulding

Automatic production runs are ideal for high volume production and there are no limits on part quantities.  PolyGlobal offer injection moulding weights up to 2.5kg.

Injection Moulding

Cast moulding

Ideal for lower production volumes, bigger part weights, up to a maximum of 100kg, and thick wall sections.

Cast moulding

PolyGlobal’s partnerships with some of the largest raw material suppliers in the world enables them to offer a wide range of materials suitable for a diverse range of applications. They collaborate with their suppliers to continually develop and extend their range allowing them to remain responsive to market demands. Equally this close relationship ensures raw material costs remain as competitive as possible.


British manufacturing has a strong reputation for the highest quality, with products often achieving a premium rate. PolyGlobal are accredited members of Made in Britain, an organisation that supports and promotes the British manufacturing community. This enables buyers and consumers,  both domestically and overseas, to identify British-made products.

Made in Britain logo

PolyGlobal place an inherent focus on quality standards. This commitment has been recognised with ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

The expertise and experience of the PolyGlobal team, built up over 30 years, enables them to meet strict quality standards and exceed the high standards of their customers across all industry sectors.

PolyGlobal provide certificates of conformity and are able to supply PPAP certification to every level for components supplied in the Automotive sector when required.

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