How do you spell Polyurethane?

Posted on: 29th Jun 2021

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Polyurethane is one of the most commonly used materials in both every day, and industrial/engineering applications. It is also one of the most frequently misspelled and mispronounced words. There are many ways to spell Polyurethane, depending on which language you are using, but how do you spell/pronounce it in the English language?


(pol-ee-yoor-uh-theyn or pol-ee-yoo-reth-eyn)

Common Misspellings of Polyurethane

There are countless ways in which Polyurethane can be, and is misspelled, here are just a few examples :

polyurithane                            polyuerathane                               polyurathine

polyeurathane                       polyuerethane                               polurethene

pollyerthaning                       polyurathane                                  polyeurethane

polyurethan                             poyurethane                                   polyurithained

polyeurothane                       polyurathan                                     polurethane

polyurethanes                       polyurethance                               polyereten

polyuerthane                          polyurethanne                               pollyurethane

polyuethane                           polyurethaned                               polyutheriane

polyurethene                         polyethene

PolyGlobal & Polyurethane

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PolyGlobal are specialists in the injection and cast moulding of Polyurethane, along with other engineering plastics. Renowned for its flexibility, durability and resistance abrasion, Polyurethane is is a popular material choice for applications in critical industries including construction, agriculture, offshore and manufacturing. Polyurethane can be manufactured in a broad range of hardness and provides good resistance to weather, ozone, radiation, oil and most solvents.

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