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Posted on: 14th Jan 2019

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PolyGlobal is a bespoke engineering company who specialises in the development of effective products and solutions produced from a broad spectrum of engineering plastics. Whilst fundamentally focusing on Injection & Cast moulding, PolyGlobal has established a diverse range of experience and expertise with a truly global supply chain and customer base.

For decades, PolyGlobal has supplied engineering sectors with effective manufacturing possibilities to meet the fast-paced demands of the market.

Hyperpol™ Summary

The progression of new and existing engineering products and components can be complex and difficult. Transferring the theoretical principles into successful application impacts is dependent upon numerous aspects. Most critical is the ability to provide reliable solutions that perform consistently.

In response, PolyGlobal introduces Hyperpol™, a series of polyurethane elastomers developed to meet the demanding requirements of a diverse range of engineering applications. Offering both new and existing customers a wide range of material characteristics and properties, PolyGlobal’s new series of polyurethane grades facilitate bespoke solutions that are tailored to meet the operating environment and application of the manufactured products.

The Hyperpol™ range carries numerous advantages over alternative engineering plastics.

Key benefits are:

  • Good abrasion, chemical and hydrolysis resistance
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • High transparency & good colourability
  • High elongation and tensile strength
  • Good compression set

Primary Characteristics

  • Protection

Hyperpol™ is a highly durable material with excellent impact resistance. Its outstanding tensile and tear strength make it an ideal choice for protection solutions such as Offshore umbilical protection solutions including cable clamps.

  • Material Processing

Hyperpol™ offers exceptionally high resilience coupled with excellent abrasion resistance. Its toughness and strength make it ideal for parts including Star Wheels used in agriculture, waste management and recycling industries.

  • Damping

Hyperpol™ maintains its elasticity in tough applications. Utilised in the automotive industry it offers outstanding rebound and high load bearing properties, Hyperpol™ avoids flex fatigue making it an excellent material choice for automotive bushes and CV boots.

  • Bespoke

Hyperpol™ is specifically designed for the production of bespoke engineering solutions or products where differentiating material properties are required to suit specific operating environments.

The flexibility of Hyperpol’s™ grades offer softer materials suitable for damping solutions such as shock absorbers and bushes utilised in the automotive industry through to harder materials ideal for material processing solutions including agricultural star wheels and protection solutions such as offshore cable clamps.

Secondary Characteristics

Hyperpol™ can be coloured to a variety of customer, market or industry preferences offering flexibility in design criteria to meet the requirements of aesthetics, quality control, or to simply replicate existing parts.

  • Quantity

The flexibility in production systems afforded by Hyperpol’s range ensures that both low and high quantity demands can be met.

Although not exclusively limited to these volumes Hyperpol™ Eco, XL and Hydro have been purposely developed to meet the demands of solutions in high volume production.

Through PolyGlobal’s cross sector experience it has developed bespoke modifications that can be incorporated into Hyperpol’s material base. Primarily aimed at the demand of construction and mining industries, flame retardant, anti-static and speciality options have been incorporated.

For outdoor applications UV stabilised options are available whilst the manufacturing and production sectors are primarily targeted by the opportunity to offer metal detectable and self -lubricating additives.


Hyperpol Eco

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Fully recyclable and comprised of a percentage of factory controlled recycled material, Hyperpol™ Eco has been developed to offer a more environmentally responsible and sustainable production option that still offers the key properties of the Hyperpol™ brand. Fixed at 1 shore hardness Hyperpol™ Eco is fairly rigid but with sufficient flex to allow for effective use in damping and protection applications.

Hyperpol XL

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Designed for applications requiring long term resistance to heat aging and applications particularly pressurised by aggressive abrasion and requiring high resistance. Hyperpol™ XL is utilised for damping solutions due to excellent absorption of shock, vibrations and energy (lower rebound).


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Designed for applications with exposure to humidity or water and applications with exposure to low temperatures. Utilised for applications which require higher rebound properties due to quick return of energy and smaller energy absorption. Hyperpol™ Hydro offers excellent resistance to microbial, fungal and bacterial growth.

For more information please visit PolyGlobal’s website or contact them via marketing@polyglobal.co.uk

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