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Posted on: 30th Nov 2015

PolyGlobal is delighted to announce the launch of its rebranded company identity.

In response to the demands and opportunities of the markets it supplies, from 1st December 2015, Polyurethane Progress Ltd will operate under the new name of PolyGlobal. This will help develop its work in the world’s most critical industries Agricultural, Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Manufacturing, Off-Shore & Marine, Rail and Renewables,

Despite significant expansion in its production capabilities, they will soon be extended further to ensure that the company will always remain at the forefront of the market and responsive to the demands of its customers. With an extensive investment program over the past 2 years, including physical infrastructure and business management and CAD/CAM software, and an inherent focus on building the skillset of its staff, the company has strengthened its foundations ahead of a very exciting period for the company.

In conjunction with the launch of the new name, www.polyglobal.co.uk will go live to reveal am updated corporate identity. These changes will allow PolyGlobal to better represent the full range of materials, including Polyurethane, Polypropylene, TP Rubber, Nylon and TPE products, it manufactures and supplies to customers across the world.

The name change is purely a commercial adjustment to represent the company more accurately and effectively. PolyGlobal will be the trading name of Polyurethane Progress Ltd. PolyGlobal would like to assure its customers and suppliers that no recent change of ownership or takeover has taken place and that it remains the same independent company it has always been; company number, V.A.T. number and bank details all remain the same.

If you have questions please be in touch via marketing@polyglobal.co.uk

Thank you

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