The properties of Caprolactone based polyurethanes can be best summarised as a hybrid of the key advantages of both Ethers and Esters. They exhibit the Ester strengths of resistance and toughness whilst being aided by superior hydrolysis resistance and low temperature flexibility (in line with the key advantages of Ether based polyurethanes).

These materials are ideally suited to hydraulic and pneumatic seals and products utilised in tough water based environments.

  • High resistance to hydrolysis (in comparison to polyesters)
  • Inherent toughness, abrasion and cut & chip resistance
  • Broad temperature range including low temperature flexibility & toughness
  • Excellent compression set resistance
  • Excellent UV, oxidation and heat resistance (in comparison to polyethers)
  • Very good chemical, oil and solvent resistance
  • Extended operating lifespan



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