Enflex-V® is our brand name for dynamically vulcanized ethylene/propylene/diene (EPDM) and Polypropylene (PP) blends. Fully cured EPDM particles that are homogeneously distributed in the thermoplastic polypropylene phase give these compounds unique rubber-like properties, with the advantage of thermoplastic processing techniques. Enflex-V® range can be self-colored with the use of proper MB or provided as pre-colored compounds. Typical properties of Enflex-V® series are given below.

 General Properties:
* Hardness range from 45 Shore A to 60 Shore D
* Service Temperature: -50°C – +125°C (dynamic) -50- + 135°C (Static/Peak)
* Excellent ozone, UV and weather resistance due to saturated elastomeric phase
* Chemical resistance to aggressive mediums
* Very Low (Rubberlike) compression set and good elasticity (that does not change
significantly over time) in a wide temperature range.


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