Ensoft® TPE-S consists of styrene-diene copolymers. The unsaturated butadiene styrene (SBS) copolymers are of the lower cost and performance members of this group whereas hydrogenated/saturated styrene-ethyl-butyl-styrene (SEBS) and styrene ethyl-ethyl-propyl-styrene (SEEPS) are the higher cost high performance members. Compounds of these copolymers incorporate suitable thermoplastics (such as PP, PE, PS), oil and fillers in a co-continuous phase morphology.

Ensoft® TPE-S offers:

  • Hardness range from 5 Shore A to 60 Shore D (SBS 30 Shore A to 45 Shore D)
  • Service Temperature: -50 to +110°C (dynamic; SBS -50°C to +70°C) -50 to +130°C (Static/Peak; SBS -50 to +110°C)
  • Excellent ozone, UV and weather resistance due to saturated elastomeric phase; SBS has moderate UV, ozone and weathering resistance due to the presence of double bond
  • Chemical resistance to many aggressive mediums
  • Low compression set and good elasticity in a wide temperature range
  • Adhesion to a broad range of polar and non-polar substrates such as PP, PA, ABS, PC, PS…
  • Broad product range including soft touch, expandable, high temperature resistant, low compression set, halogen free FR and many other speciality grades
  • Excellent colourability
  • Good elasticity, tear strength compression set at low-med temp
  • Cost

S…141 Medium filled SEBS grades

S…161 Highly filled SEBS grades

S…200 Bondable to ABS, PC, PA, SAN

S…300 Unfilled SEBS grades


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