PolyGlobal’s new series of polyurethane elastomers developed to meet the demanding requirements of a diverse range of engineering applications. Offering a wide range of material characteristics and properties, PolyGlobal’s new series of polyurethane grades facilitate bespoke solutions that are tailored to meet the operating environment and application of the manufactured products.

The Hyperpol™ range carries numerous advantages over alternative engineering plastics.

Key benefits are:

• Good abrasion, chemical and hydrolysis resistance
• Low temperature flexibility
• High transparency & good colouribility
• High elongation and tensile strength
• Good compression set

Hyperpol has been developed in collaboration with one of PolyGlobal’s long term raw material manufacture partners. Whilst not manufactured by PolyGlobal it has been developed to offer dynamic, high performance characteristics to suit the required applications. Hyperpol™ is a PolyGlobal brand.

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