Generally PolyGlobal’s cast tooling falls into 4 main categories depending on cost, profile of the finished part and usual batch quantities.

  1. Open Cast – These primarily require one main flat face on the finished part with limited negative angles. Usually made from aluminium or steel these are our default option as they provide a good balance of cost, quality and processibility
  2. Closed Cast – These allow for profile details across all sides of the part but lead to increases in porosity or the requirement of vents/moulding sprues. They are the most expensive mould option and lead to longer production times due to additional requirements in demoulding.
  3. Standard Moulds – Associated with our range of rods and sheets, standard moulds can be open or closed but have fixed dimensions and are more limited in the specifications that can be provided.
  4. Temporary – Can be produced as reverse moulds from existing parts or formers. They are very cost effective but are limited in their accuracy and result in low-quality surface finishes. These are not suitable for long term or high-volume production of parts as they generally degrade through regular use. They have a limited life expectancy and are not suitable for all products
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