Injection Moulding

For 35 years injection moulding has been our primary manufacturing option. Our injection moulded components are used heavily across all industrial sectors due to the diversity of the base materials we offer including Polyurethane, Nylon, Polypropylene, TPE and TPR, and the variety in size and shape that can be moulded.

Injection moulding is the ideal process if you are looking for an efficient, high volume manufacturing option. Our full bespoke service from initial concept or simple sketch, right through to full production runs and delivery, allows us to work collaboratively with you on new or existing projects.

It is important to discuss the key application requirements and critical profile details, as there are often numerous material and production options available. High volume parts may be more suited to multi cavity or hardened moulds, which may result in higher upfront costs but can result in long term savings in reduced unit costs. Equally, where suitable, bigger tolerances and allowances on surface finish may enable more cost-effective production options that suit the required part more appropriately.

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