Offshore & Marine Protection Solutions

Posted on: 13th Nov 2018

Components in the Offshore & Marine industry are subject to extremely challenging environmental conditions. The market demands reliable, high quality components that deliver maximum performance.

For over 30 years, PolyGlobal have reliably manufactured protection solutions utilised across the world in both subsea and seabed applications. These solutions are designed to secure and shield critical components preventing damage, increasing longevity and minimising costs.

Clamping Solutions

PolyGlobal has significant experience in manufacturing tube/cable clamping solutions with a proven record in satisfying high volume, long term orders. They produce bespoke clamping solutions in varying sizes to suit differing cable and pipe sizes.

Image of a moulded marine clamping solution

Image of a moulded marine clamping solution

Clamping solutions manufactured by PolyGlobal have specific technical performance requirements including:

• Outstanding hydrolytic stability.
• High elastic modulus to prevent significant deformation under load.
• Good low temperature stability to enable them to operate effectively within sea water environments.

Another key consideration for these solutions is the surface finish of the mould and the resulting products. Typical offshore tubes and pipes can have a polished stainless steel finish and it is critical to prevent the slippage of tubes when in application.

Due to the extreme and challenging conditions these parts endure, material selection for offshore protection solutions is absolutely critical. Polyethers are an ideal material choice to their excellent hydrolytic stability and ability to maintain strong mechanical performance in low temperatures.


Photo of an offshore oil rig

BASF Elastollan 1100 Series

As part of their core material range, PolyGlobal offer the BASF Elastollan 1100 series. A polyether based TPU system utilised for injection moulded products and solutions, this series is available in a broad range of hardness options offering diverse manufacturing capabilities.

The BASF Elastollan 1100 series provides a number of key advantages including:

• Outstanding hydrolytic stability
• Excellent low temperature flexibility
• Excellent microbial resistance
• Very good transparency
• Impressive resistance to weak acid.

For more information on Polyethers and the BASF Elastollan 1100 Series, including technical data sheets, please visit PolyGlobal’s website.

Please contact PolyGlobal via with any enquiries.

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