Dedicated to engineering excellence.

Dedicated to engineering excellence.

Mould Manufacturing

PolyGlobal carries an extensive library of cast and injection mould tools, designed and manufactured by our own engineers. Where possible we utilise this library to provide sealing and standard product solutions that are available for immediate production. The expertise of our toolmakers, developed over 30 years of excellence in tool engineering, means we are continually producing new and bespoke moulds that facilitate the production of critical industry solutions.

PolyGlobal has invested continuously in both its software and machining infrastructure to ensure it remains responsive to the diverse markets we supply. We provide full service solutions from mould design and manufacture to component production and delivery. Manufacturing tools in house ensures they are tailored to the moulding material, specified to the moulding process and customised to meet the demands of the production volume.

CNC Milling & Spark Eroder Machines – Electrical Discharge Machining

PolyGlobal has consistently invested in its technical infrastructure, ensuring it offers mould manufacturing capabilities that are at the forefront of the market. Whilst the majority of demand is serviced through 3 axis CNC milling, 4 axis and 5 axis mould manufacture is also offered, providing full manufacturing capability.

PolyGlobal utilises spark erosion machining to manufacture tools carrying intricate details and challenging designs. Our Spark Eroder machine is essential in the tooling of these complex moulds whilst adhering to very close tolerances, allowing for good surface finishes and specialist details such as engraving.

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