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Posted on: 11th Feb 2019

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PolyGlobal is proud to work in partnership with ALBIS, a world leading supplier of thermoplastics. PolyGlobal work closely with ALBIS to offer a range of TPE materials that combine the properties and advantages of thermoplastics with those of elastomers.

Material options include Alfater XL®, Sipolprene® and Evoprene®.

Alfater XL® (TPE-V)

Alfater XL® is a dynamic vulcanized blend of PP and EPDM.  It is ideal for many injection moulding applications, simple or complex, thin walled parts and for use in multi cavity tools.

Alfater XL® has excellent mechanical properties and good durability compared to conventional elastomers. Other characteristics include:

  • Excellent UV, weathering and ozone resistance as well as many aqueous solutions, acids and alkaline mediums.
  • Excellent temperature resistance from -50°C-130°C
  • High melt stability/ high cold flexibility.
  • High hydrolytic resistance & low fogging
  • Good chemical, oil  & heat ageing resistance
  • Good wear resistance.

Typical Applications:

Image of injection moulded products

Sipolprene ® (TPE-E)

Sipolprene® is a pure polymer belonging to the family of thermoplastic ether-ester elastomers. Its chemical structure allows it to match the characteristics of flexible plastics with the performance of thermoset elastomers. Sipolprene® shows constant mechanical performance over a wide temperature range. Other characteristics include:

  • Very good dynamical load bearing capacity.
  • Good chemical and oil resistance.
  • High temperature resistance from -65°C-150°C
  • High abrasion and wear & scratch resistance.
  • Excellent fatigue, tear and creep resistance.

Typical Applications:

photo of car key and formed rubber component

Evoprene® (TPE-S)

Evoprene® is a range of thermoplastic elastomer compounds based on styrene block copolymers such as SBS and SEBS. These compounds have rubber-like properties yet flow like thermoplastics when exposed to heat and pressure. Characteristics include:

  • High hydrolytic resistance.
  • Chemical resistance (ozone and cleaning agents)
  • Excellent weatherability (except SBS) with good low temperature properties.
  • Good flexibility & tear resistance
  • Excellent price-performance ratio.
  • Fully recyclable at all stages.

Typical Applications:

Image of example of Evoprene plastics range comprising of a car wing mirror and car interior

Material Comparison

Evoprene® offers the most price sensitive option followed by Alfate®r and SIpolprene®. Evoprene® and Alfater® have more soft flexible grade options while Sipolprene® has more choice at the rigid end of the spectrum.

Where operating temperature range is a key consideration, Sipolprene® provides the greatest properties , with both a higher top temperature and lower base temperature than the other two options. However, in terms of hydrolytic resistance, Evoprene® and Alfater® would be preferred.

Whilst these materials are from a family of plastics known for good abrasion and wear resistance, if this is the key application concern, Siploprene® would be the recommended option.


(Extracted from https://www.albis.com/en/about/about-us)

“ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH is a world leader in the distribution and compounding of thermoplastics. In addition to supplying high-quality plastics from all world´s leading manufacturers and brands, we develop and manufacture our own, highly specialized technical plastics. We also provide our customers with valuable advice and support for the application and further processing of our products.

We are a global company, with eight manufacturing locations worldwide, as well as a total of 23 subsidiaries in many countries throughout Europe, North Africa, Asia and North America. Our values and philosophy, however, remain those of a traditional, medium- size, Hanseatic company. This combination enables us to be innovative and progressive”

For more information, please visit PolyGlobal’s website or contact them via marketing@polyglobal.co.uk

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