PolyGlobal and DOW – Performance Materials Partnership

Posted on: 2nd Jul 2018

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PolyGlobal proudly works in partnership with DOW® to offer polyurethane systems including HYPERLAST™ and DIPRANE™ which have been developed to offer improved processing characteristics and help maximise the performance of the resulting elastomer.

From their manufacturing base in Wakefield, PolyGlobal have developed an excellent reputation as a market leading solutions provider, reliably suppling components across a number of industries. The construction industry in particular, demands components that can withstand extreme levels of abrasion and physical displacement whilst maintaining high levels of integrity.

Photo of construction vehicles working in a quarry

HYPERLAST™ polyether and DIPRANE™ polyester based materials offer excellent wear and tear properties along with good impact and abrasion resistance. This makes them ideal for applications such as belt scrapers, conveyor rollers, aggregate screens and excavator bucket linings.

HYPERLAST™ prepolymers and systems are predominantly based on polyether chemistry. They yield elastomers with excellent dynamic performance and toughness through
to more cost effective polyether polyols which offer very good all round performance, especially in cold and wet environments. This class of prepolymers are particularly suitable for high speed/high load bearing applications, and in environments where elastomers are exposed to moisture and/or low temperatures

DIPRANE™ prepolymers and systems are based on polyester or polycaprolactone chemistry to yield elastomers that are suitable in applications requiring a high degree of wear and
tear resistance. They can also be tailored to provide elastomers capable of excellent solvent resistance or antistatic properties. This highly dynamic performance makes them suitable for a range of applications such as wheels, rollers and mining equipment.

Information extracted from www.dow.com

Example of machinery using parts fabricated by Polyglobal

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For more information, please contact PolyGlobal via marketing@polyglobal.co.uk

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