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Posted on: 24th Sep 2018

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PolyGlobal is proud to work in partnership with Ultrapolymers to supply a range of thermoplastic materials, including a significant spectrum of Thermoplastic Elastomer grades (TPEs).


Thermoplastic Elastomers are a unique class of materials that combine the key processing and recycling properties of thermoplastics with many of the physical properties of thermoset rubbers. It is a very flexible class in terms of its key characteristics due to the adjustments and changes that can be made to the polymer.

As part of their core material range, PolyGlobal offers Ensoft, a wide-ranging TPE-S whose mechanical properties and characteristics make it a suitable option for numerous operating environments and applications.

Food Contact Approved Materials

The range of Ensoft-TPE-S materials hold the advantage of being Food Contact Approved making them an ideal material choice for use in industries where this is a critical factor including material handling and material processing applications.

Food contact materials are materials and components intended to come into contact with food, such as production machinery, processing equipment and containers used for transport. The safety of food contact materials is evaluated to ensure chemicals cannot migrate from the material in to food substances.

Food Approved Component

Other Key Characteristics

Ensoft® TPE-S grades are available in hardnesses ranging from 5 Shore A to 60 Shore D and offer the following key characteristics:

• Excellent ozone, UV and weather resistance
• Good chemical resistance to a wide range
• Low compression set
• Good elasticity in a wide temperature range
• Adhesion to a wide range of substrates including PP, PA, ABS, PC, PS.
• General Service Temperature: -50 to +110°C (dynamic; SBS -50°C to +70°C) -50 to +130°C (Static/Peak; SBS -50 to +110°C)
• Excellent colourability

The material also allows for bespoke modifications that can over promote certain characteristics to suit specific applications. Other options include soft touch, expandable, high temperature resistant, low compression set and halogen free FR.

Typical Applications

Due to the variety and versatility of the Ensoft-S range, there are a vast number of end uses including:

Automotive -Bellows, boots and grommets, soft touch interior components.
• Appliance/Housewares – Overmoulded grips for power tools, refrigerator seals, gaskets, anti-vibration parts, drainage/discharge hoses and fittings.
• Electrical – Moulded-in seals for electrical components, wire and cable installation and termination boots, connectors and housings.
Manufacturing – feed wheels and processing components
• Food Application Components
• Seals & Scrapers

PolyGlobal’s Core Ensoft®-S Range

Within the range PolyGlobal offers both unfilled (300 series for high performance requirements) & filled options (151/161 series for general purpose applications):

• Ensoft-S® SM-151-90A
• Ensoft-S® SO-161–70A
• Ensoft-S® SO-161-60A
• Ensoft-S® SO-300-75A
• Ensoft-S® SO-300-70A
• Ensoft-S® SO-300-65A
• Ensoft-S® SO-300-60A
• Ensoft-S® SO-300-55A
• Ensoft-S® SX-300-10A

This list is by no means exhaustive and in collaboration with Ultrapolymers, PolyGlobal are always striving to develop and extend their range to offer materials suitable for applications in any operating environment.

Ultrapolymers, a leading polymer distributor was established in Belgium in October 2002 and is part of the Ravago group. They offer a diverse portfolio of products as well as comprehensive technical support from design to final production.

Robert Cresswell of Ultrapolymers says,

‘The philosophy and success of Ultrapolymers is being able to work in a collaborative approach with our customers. We have an excellent product portfolio, as well as the capability to offer full project support from an initial concept, through to production. Working in partnership with our customers this can help provide a significant competitive advantage through effective material selection, improved part performance and process optimisation. We are delighted to work closely with PolyGlobal who share our own ethos for maximising the production and design of parts and who are forward looking in trying to realise improvements wherever possible.’

For more information please visit the PolyGlobal website https://www.polyglobal.co.uk/material/ensoft/

or contact PolyGlobal via marketing@polyglobal.co.uk

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