PolyGlobal & Bradford University Material Testing Project Progression

Posted on: 25th Apr 2019

In early 2019 PolyGlobal launched an exciting partnership with Bradford University’s Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Centre. The first phase of this collaboration, a comprehensive testing project on PolyGlobal’s core range of materials is well underway.

Image of product sample being tested

PolyGlobal specialise in the injection and cast moulding of a wide range of engineering plastics. The testing of their key materials, after they have been through the moulding process, will demonstrate their performance under varying extreme conditions including temperature, pressure, abrasion and chemical exposure.

The aim of the testing is to further identify and verify the suitability of specific materials for use in specific environments within the wide range of sectors serviced by PolyGlobal.

Photo of product sample being tested

The resulting data will enable PolyGlobal to advise and recommend specific materials from an increased technical and performance perspective as well as publish credible data that can be accessed by wider market sectors. They will also be able to offer material testing on existing parts and material identification services

Bradford University’s Interdisciplinary Polymer Research Centre offers facilities including 40 advanced manufacturing lines for melt phase, solid phase and reactive processing, extensive physical and chemical characterisation, and computer modelling.

For any further enquiries, please contact PolyGlobal via marketing@polyglobal.co.uk

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