PolyGlobal on the front of MEM

Posted on: 26th May 2016

PolyGlobal features in national magazine. The current issue (Issue 429) of the Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine (MEM) includes a significant feature on PolyGlobal.

MEM Magazine cover

Also mentioned on the front cover, the internal article mainly discusses the rebranding of the company, known previously as Polyurethane Progress, which coincided with its 30 year anniversary and looks at the investment that has occurred in recent years.

The magazine also reflects on the diverse range of solutions that the company provides and the variety of the markets that it operates in.

Image of MEM article titled Reflecting on 30 years of success

To see the full article please visit http://www.memuk.org/

For more information please contact PolyGlobal via marketing@polyglobal.co.uk. Thank you

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