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Posted on: 27th Jun 2016

Hillhead 2016 logo and aerial view of event

With the summer exhibition season continuing to showcase various events and industries across the UK, this week welcomes the 2016 Hillhead show. This brings together customers from across the quarrying, construction and recycling sectors and is a signature event for PolyGlobal and a number of its customers to demonstrate their expertise in this field. Of its kind, this is the biggest exhibition in the world and features live demonstrations and stands occupied by industry leading manufacturers.

PolyGlobal has a proven track record of providing a number of valuable solutions to these sectors that are used for aggregate sorting, such as star wheels and screen plates, protection applications, such as wear plates and chute liners, and bespoke components for varied and unique requirements.

PolyGlobal’s Damping Solutions

PolyGlobal’s rubber & polyurethane shock absorbing solutions play an integral role in the construction industry as drilling and mining components. They are utilised to dissipate energy and provide numerous operational benefits, including increased comfort, reduced noise and improved safety and longevity of their parent products.

For more information please visit www.polyglobal.co.uk/solution/damping-solutions/

PolyGlobal’s Material Handling Solutions

PolyGlobal’s material handling solutions are integral to the effective, efficient and safe transfer of aggregate transfer throughout the construction industry. Durable roller coatings and protection parts are essential to keep the industry moving.

For more information please visit www.polyglobal.co.uk/solution/material-handling-solutions/

Photo of Hillhead event showing stands and construction vehicles

If we don’t see you at the show, for more information please visit www.polyglobal.co.uk/sector/construction/ or contact PolyGlobal sales@poyglobal.co.uk


Hillhead 2016 logo

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