PolyGlobal introduces Hyperpol™

Posted on: 11th Dec 2018

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PolyGlobal is proud to introduce Hyperpol™, a new series of polyurethane elastomers developed to meet the demanding requirements of a diverse range of engineering applications.

Hyperpol™ offers a wide range of material characteristics and properties facilitating bespoke solutions tailored to meet specific operating environments and applications.

Introducingthe Hyperpol™ Range


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Designed for applications requiring long term resistance to heat aging and for applications particularly pressurised by aggressive abrasion and requiring high resistance. Hyperpol ™XL is ideal for damping solutions due to excellent absorption of shock, vibrations and energy.


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Designed for applications with exposure to humidity or water and for applications with exposure to low temperature, Hyperpol™ Hydro is utilised for applications which require higher rebound properties due to quick return of energy and smaller energy absorption. It offers excellent resistance to microbial, fungal and bacterial growth.


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Fully recyclable and comprised of a percentage of factory controlled recycled material, Hyperpol™ Eco has been developed to offer a more environmentally responsible and sustainable production option that still offers the key properties of the Hyperpol brand. Fixed at one shore hardness, Hyperpol™ Eco is fairly rigid but with sufficient flex to allow for effective use in damping and protection applications.

For more information please visit www.polyglobal.co.uk/Hyperpol or contact marketing@polyglobal.co.uk.

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