PolyGlobal Launches New Sealing Solutions

Posted on: 19th Jul 2016

Image of construction vehicle with diagram showing interior mechanism of hydraulic arm

PolyGlobal’s 30 year history has been built on the successful development of a diverse range of sealing solutions. In line with the launch of the company’s new marketing material at the end of 2015, PolyGlobal has now published its new sealing solutions pages dedicated to the specifics of this technical field.


Sealing Every Industry

PolyGlobal manufactures and supplies seals for a variety of pneumatic and hydraulic applications in the manufacturing, construction, automotive and offshore industries. In these applications bespoke material and profiles designs exist to optimise performance in the operating environment. In line with these requirements, PolyGlobal has produced a series of video summaries to highlight some of the specific design features of some of its seal range.

PolyGlobal specialises in the production of engineering plastic seals, including Polyurethane, TPR and other TPEs. This incorporates cup seals, rod and piston seals, and specialised solutions such as packing seals and wipers. PolyGlobal is constantly involved in the development and production of new designs and bespoke profiles, producing critical sealing solutions for a diverse range of applications and environments for over 30 years. The success of the company has been built on this experience and expertise of supplying sealing solutions.

Also available from our sales team is a profile summary showing the variety of standard designs available. Should you require any more information on PolyGlobal’s sealing range please contact us via sales@polyglobal.co.uk.

Artist impression of seals manufactured by PolyGlobal


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