PolyGlobal launches partnership with Bradford University

Posted on: 17th Dec 2018

Artists impression of Bradford University

PolyGlobal is launching a budding partnership with Bradford University’s Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Centre, whose facilities include 40 advanced manufacturing lines for melt phase, solid phase and reactive processing, extensive physical and chemical characterisation, and computer modelling.

PolyGlobal have always had an inherent focus on quality, not only in the finished product but in selecting raw materials and throughout the complete production process.

The development of this relationship is further evidence of PolyGlobal’s commitment to ensure the bespoke market solutions it offers are ideally suited to the environment and application of those specific parts.

Material Testing

Image of factory machinery carrying out material testing

Utilising the world leading facilities, equipment and knowledge of Bradford University’s Polymer Research Centre, PolyGlobal will create simulated environments reflecting those experienced in the sectors and industries it supplies to. PolyGlobal will test material performance under varying extreme conditions including temperature, pressure, abrasion and chemical exposure.

Image of factory machinery

The aim of the testing is to identify/verify the suitability of specific materials for use in specific environments. This testing will also establish reasons for the failure of materials.

The resulting data will enable PolyGlobal to advise and recommend specific materials from an increased technical and performance perspective as well as publish credible data that can be accessed by wider market sectors. They will also be able to offer material testing on existing parts and material identification services.

For any further enquiries, please contact PolyGlobal via marketing@polyglobal.co.uk

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