PolyGlobal Material Testing Project supported by Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership

Posted on: 2nd Jul 2019

Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Patnership

Wakefield-based PolyGlobal, who manufacture critical bespoke parts for Offshore, Construction, Automotive and Agriculture sectors amongst others, are working with the renowned Polymer Research Centre at the University of Bradford.

The University, which is used by other leading global brands, is testing the company’s core range of materials including its innovative new material, Hyperpol, which PolyGlobal has developed to help it access new markets and expand its sector reach.

With three versions, Hyperpol XL, offering enhanced abrasion resistance, Hyperpol Hydro, designed for use in water based environments and Hyperpol Eco, which includes a percentage of recycled material, PolyGlobal wanted recognised technical data to give customers in a bid to have the material recognised as an industry standard.

Hyperpol™ XL
Hyperpol™ XL
Hyperpol™ Hydro
Hyperpol™ Hydro
Hyperpol™ Eco
Hyperpol™ Eco

Each version has unique properties which enhance the company’s already proven robust quality products and feature improved performance in the most adverse environmental climates including extremes of heat, humidity and chemical exposure.

Dr Christina Tuinea-Bobe from the University of Bradford said that laboratory testing provided clients with the technical data they wanted and their customers with the quality assurance and accreditations they sought.

“Our world leading facilities coupled with our experience and expertise will enable us to support PolyGlobal to implement new technologies that will ultimately be transformative for the company both technically and commercially,” she said.

Bradford University’s Interdisciplinary Polymer Research Centre offers facilities including 40 advanced manufacturing lines for melt phase, solid phase and reactive processing, extensive physical and chemical characterisation, and computer modelling.

“It is the first time we have invested in academic research and if successful, it could lead to further collaboration with Bradford University’s Polymer Research Centre, and future internal technological investment,” said Andy Young, Sales & Marketing Manager for PolyGlobal.

“Our customers know they can rely on us to provide reliable and effective parts, but we are constantly striving to improve our knowledge and capabilities.  This collaboration helps fulfil those ambitions. Further, by being able to support our offerings with independent University research separates us from our competitors and advances our position within the industry,” added Andy.

Backed by the Leeds City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (the LEP), PolyGlobal has received partial funding towards the £20,000 overall investment for the material testing project in the way of an Access Innovation Direct Award Grant.

The LEP work with partners across both public and private sectors with the goal of stimulating growth that will create jobs and prosperity for everyone who lives, works and does business in the area. They provide investment and support to help businesses and the economy to thrive.

Roger Marsh OBE, Chair of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Patnership (LEP) and NP11 says:

I’m delighted that through the LEP Access Innovation programme,  PolyGlobal is set to access new markets and become a stronger competitor within their industry.

It’s vital that as a region we continue to invest in innovation through our universities and give businesses the tools they need to help grow the economy.

I’d encourage all businesses to get in touch with the LEP and find out about the support available to innovate products and processes.

For further information please contact marketing@polyglobal.co.uk

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