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Posted on: 21st Jun 2018

Artists impression of Ester material

As a Polyurethane moulding specialist and an industry leader in moulded solutions, PolyGlobal offers 3 main families of polyurethanes. These chemically consist of Esters, Ethers and Caprolactones. Each grade has specific qualities and characteristics that provide to the specific needs of their customers across a diverse range of critical industries.

Examples of Ester materials used in a site setting

Polyurethane’s key characteristics include toughness, flexibility, and resistance to abrasion. Further, this material offers a broad hardness range, facilitating bespoke solutions that meet the operating environment and application exactly. Significant other characteristics include extremely high flex-life, high load-bearing capacity and good resistance to weather, ozone, radiation, oil and most solvents.

Polyesters in particular are ideally suited to abrasion and high load bearing applications making them a reliable material choice for solutions within the construction, mining and aggregate screening industries. They have greater tensile and tear strength than other polyurethane grades and have a broad spectrum of uses within these industries including:

• Belt Scrapers
• Protection Covers & Wear Pads
• Starwheels
• Screening Matts

Polyesters generally exhibit a good balance of physical properties and due to the composition of the material are often more economical options than the other two main polyurethane grades. They provide excellent damping solutions.

This week PolyGlobal have launched a series of website updates providing detailed technical information on their range of materials  www.polyglobal.co.uk/materials

Image of construction site and plant machinery

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