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Posted on: 10th Sep 2018

Polyurethane sheets and rods

PolyGlobal, an international solutions provider, are experts in the cast and injection moulding of engineering plastics. As part of their comprehensive service, PolyGlobal manufacture Polyurethane Rods, Tubes, Blocks and Sheets in the cast moulding department of their manufacturing site based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

Earlier this year, PolyGlobal substantially increased their manufacturing capabilities with the investment of a brand new Covestro Baule Universal Dispensing Machine. This processing machine is dedicated to efficiently manage daily production within the cast moulding department. It’s flexibility and productivity make it ideal for the production of all types of polyurethane casting products.

Polyurethane sheets and rods


PolyGlobal’s rods and sheets are produced from thermoset polyurethane. Polyurethane is a flexible, resilient and highly durable engineering plastic. It cannot be reheated or reformed, however it is machinable from 90 Shore A hardness and harder.

Advantages of Polyurethane

Polyurethane holds some key advantages over other traditional materials. Key characteristics include:

• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Tear resistance
• High load-bearing capacity
• Extremely high flex life
• Oil and Solvent Resistance
• Weather and Ozone Resistance
• Excellent noise and vibration abatement properties
• High Elasticity
• Outstanding low temperature performance

These characteristics mean polyurethane can easily outperform rubbers, metals and other more traditional materials

Typical Applications

Due to the versatility of polyurethane there are a vast number of uses for PolyGlobal’s standard products.

Typical applications for polyurethane rods include automotive suspension bushings, gaskets, seals, castors, wheels, bearing seals, valve inserts, shock absorbers, noise dampers as well as roller coaster and escalator wheels.

Typical applications for polyurethane sheets are hopper and chute linings, scraper blades, and shot blast screenings.

PolyGlobal’s range of rods, tubes, blocks and sheets are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and shore hardnesses. More information is available on the PolyGlobal website. https://www.polyglobal.co.uk/resources/standard-products/

If you have any further enquiries please contact PolyGlobal via marketing@polyglobal.co.uk.

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