PolyGlobal Welcomes Work Experience Student

Posted on: 18th Jul 2018

This week, PolyGlobal welcomed me, a local sixth form student, for a week of work experience.

After a brief introduction to the company on day one, Andy conducted a short tour of the company site, which allowed me to gain an insight into the production process behind some of the bespoke products made on location and meet some of the friendly sales team working alongside the engineers. As a usually quite nervous character, I have been pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I immediately felt as I arrived at PolyGlobal.

Vicki (sales coordinator) has dedicated a lot of time this week into demonstrating the editing software behind PolyGlobal’s website and showing me various platforms, the company use for marketing, including Mail Chimp, which is used to send out newsletters to subscribed customers. Using information taught by Vicki, I have been able to update some small areas of the website, for example adding the chemicals to the resistance resource and updating some of the questions on the customer satisfaction form and case study submission.

Following the website updates, I was given the opportunity to interact with some of PolyGlobal’s existing customers to collate some feedback and see what the company then do with this to grow and improve. PolyGlobal clearly have a great rapport with their customers and it has been interesting to see the effort a company makes to build a positive relationship with those who buy their products.

Blank form on how you would rate PolyGlobalCase study submission blank form

Andy (sales and marketing manager) and Vicki arranged a meeting with an external Sales Executive to discuss some of their creative ideas involving connection with new and existing customers, such as sending welcome packages and samples. Andy and Vicki invited me into their meeting, which meant I was able to see some of the practicalities involved in turning a design into reality.

Image of Polyglobal's colour swatches

To conclude the week, Andy challenged me to put together a news story for PolyGlobal’s website in preparation for the launch of their partnership with Bradford University regarding product testing. It has been very interesting to explore the different ways in which the company release relevant information to the public and I enjoyed the challenge of writing something up for them.

Overall, I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to spend a week with such an interesting company with such a friendly, dedicated team of people and have participated in an abundance of new experiences. Thank you, PolyGlobal!

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