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Posted on: 24th Jun 2016

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PolyGlobal is constantly looking to bring new technologies to its tool making, injection and cast moulding departments. With a diverse customer base covering the full spectrum of industrial sectors, in order to remain a market-leading solution provider the company must maintain its innovative approach to the integration of any advances in engineering and manufacturing.


Recently, PolyGlobal has begun an exciting trial with the R&D Factory to assess the viability of Streamoulding® and its potential integration into its portfolio of solutions. This technology aims to provide significant advances in the field of lightweight plastics in 3 core areas:
Streamoulding product

“Up to 40% weight savings are achievable, along with significant cycle time reductions upwards of 20%, and energy savings in excess of 30%.”


The advantages of these results can be applied to a number of PolyGlobal’s market sectors and help support the company’s steps to make it a true leader in eco-friendly manufacturing.



Sales Manager Andy Young said “In the automotive and aerospace industry, weight saving is critical to provide advances in performance results and significant improvements in fuel efficiency. Further, with potential reductions in the usage of raw materials, on price critical components cost advantages will place PolyGlobal’s customers at the forefront of the market.”


Initial performance results are shown below.

Energy Saving Results

  Solid 5% 10% 30%
Shot Weight (g) 25 23.7 22.5 17.5
Cycle Time (secs) 110 86 86 86
Parts/Hr 33 42 42 42
KW/Part 0.31 0.19 0.16 0.15
KW Saving/Part N/A 0.12 0.15 0.16
% Energy Saving N/A 38% 48% 51%
% Cycle Time Saving N/A 21% 21% 21%

Strength Performance Results

Sample Weight (g) 24.8 23.7 23.1 22.1 19.6 17.2
Weight Change 0 -4% -7% -11% -21% -30%
Strength Change 0 +5% +1% -10% -38% -53%
Stiffness Change 0 +5% +5% -11% -21% -24%
Strength/Weight Ratio 1 +10% +8% +1% -22% -32%
Stiffness/Weight Ratio 1 +10% +19% +11% -1% -14%

The above performance results were both obtained in trials using a polypropylene material.

PolyGlobal would like to thank Romi UK for its support at its base in Rugby during the initial trial process.

Image of factory operative working on Romi machine

PolyGlobal starts Streamoulding trials at Romi UK

For more information please contact sales@polyglobal.co.uk or visit rndfactory.co.uk/products/streamoulding/



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