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Posted on: 2nd Aug 2018

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Plastic recycling continues to be an important issue facing both industry and consumers. The use of plastic and plastic waste is an ever growing topic of debate. PolyGlobal supports the practice of conserving resources and minimising the environmental impact of plastics and plastic products. With these considerations in mind, PolyGlobal offers a broad range of options comprised of reprocessed or recycled materials.

Material Selection

Material selection and improved polymer understanding is of paramount importance to PolyGlobal. They work closely in partnership with carefully selected raw material suppliers to supply a range of recycled and recyclable materials that maintain excellent mechanical properties, with a reduced environmental impact. Within PolyGlobal’s broad range of material options, there are already numerous options including:

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU):

Ravathane R100 A85.

Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE):

SEBS Ensoft SK-161-60A


Econamid – ORO (Natural) unfilled & 30% glass filled
Econamid – FL (Black) unfilled & 30% glass filled


A wide range of unfilled/mineral filled and glass filled Mafill® grades

This list is by no means exhaustive and as a bespoke solutions provider, PolyGlobal works in partnership with its customers and raw material suppliers to ensure its offers a dynamic material range that meets both the demands of a project’s application and environment, as well as any environmental considerations.

Please contact PolyGlobal via for more information on their extensive material range.



Plastic Re-grind


As well as considered selection of raw materials, PolyGlobal are committed to re-using and recycling wherever possible. There are various recycling options, predominantly re-grinding and re-use. At PolyGlobal’s manufacturing site in Wakefield, wherever possible, waste materials go through a regrind process. The waste material is ground and then mixed with virgin materials to create selected new parts. They then strive to recycle any remaining waste material.

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