Star Wheel Applications

Predominantly used in the agriculture, aggregate screening, recycling and waste management industries, star wheels are also referred to as separator wheels, de-stoning wheels, screening wheels or harvesting wheels.


The Agriculture sector demands low cost solutions that perform reliably across the full preparation season, ensuring minimal downtime of soil preparation equipment, throughout the de-stoning process.

PolyGlobal star wheels are also used for crop harvesting and processing. As such, food compliant and softer materials can often be used which still meet the demands of the application but minimise damage to produce.


PolyGlobal star wheels are used to sort or separate waste products by size in the Recycling industry, and come into contact with a wide variety of waste media.

Used as replacement parts in screening machines, the star wheels have to deliver excellent abrasion resistance, high rebound and high load capacity in this extremely aggressive environment. These are all critical characteristics offered by PolyGlobal’s range of high performance polyurethanes.

Aggregate Screening

Star wheels used here are primarily involved in the processing of soil and similar materials ,to produce graded substrates such as screened top soil.

The stars are exposed to a variety of weather conditions, including temperature and humidity changes, and these must be factored into the material choices. Rapid turnaround of replacement and spare parts is also essential.

Bespoke Designs

Although many of PolyGlobal’s star wheels are standard designs, that can be used as replacements for existing parts, there are sometimes requirements for non-standard designs or individual modifications to suit specific applications or environments.

Examples include: addition of cleaning fingers, changes to bore sizes, finger design, engravings and identification marks.

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