Star Wheels – Additional Components


Spacers are often added to the star shafts to increase the distance between the screening fingers, this adjusts the grading of processed media.

These have a square thru hole matching the bore on the accompanying stars and so usually have 32, 40 or 50mm centres.

Usually made of the same material as the stars themselves, thicknesses start at 5mm. Outside diameters vary more significantly, starting at Ø70mm.


Collars are rings which fit over the spacers or the boss of the stars themselves. Again, this results in changes to the grading of the screened materials.

Thicknesses vary from 10mm to 30mm and outside diameters are also supplied in a large variety of sizes.

It is important to use collars manufactured in the same material as the stars themselves to match the durability and wear resistance, and avoid additional maintenance.


PolyGlobal offers dual-hardness, standard and overmoulded roller options. These are often supplied as flanged rollers or have housed bearings.

Polyurethane outside coatings offer the wear resistance and durability required for demanding applications.

Within this offering there is an extremely broad variety of requirements, and as such parts are usually supplied as bespoke options in a variety of dimensions.

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