The properties of our materials allow us to manufacture solutions for dynamic uses as well as seabed cable protectors, stiffeners and other static uses. The demands of this market mean we have consistently manufactured reliable, high quality components, that are available in high volumes with short lead times.

Examples of our ever growing product portfolio in this field:

  • Bend Restrictors & Bend Stiffeners
  • Cones, Jointing Pieces & Sleeves
  • Bumpers, Shock Absorbers & Dock Gate Stops
  • Pipe Clamps & Piggy Back Clamps
  • Bullnose Coverings
  • Wear Pads, Bump Stops, Rubbing Strips & Chafe Protectors
  • Material & Pipe Handling Solutions
  • Rollers, Diablo Rollers, Sheave Wheel Coatings & Roller Coverings
  • Scrapers
  • Deep Sea Seals & Sealing Solutions
  • Bespoke Moulded Components
  • Bushes, Buffers & Nozzles
  • Rods, Tubes & Blocks
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