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Damping Solutions

PolyGlobal’s damping solutions are utilised to dissipate energy and provide numerous operational benefits. Working extensively across all critical industries, PolyGlobal’s solutions improve comfort, reduce noise and increase the safety and longevity of their parent products.

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Mainly supplying the automotive industry, PolyGlobal provides suspension bushes, most notably polyurethane bushes that provide excellent performance results. The materials utilised offer enhanced durability, outperforming more traditional materials, and extremely high levels of resistance. PolyGlobal can manufacture new suspension bushes to customer specifications and existing market products, providing a complete solution service.


As a world-leading buffer supplier, PolyGlobal offers a library of existing buffer solutions. These are supplied in a range of materials, dimensions and hardness’s to suit a number of applications in a number of industries including the manufacturing and construction sectors.

Shock Absorbers

PolyGlobal’s shock absorbing solutions play an integral role in the construction industry as drilling and mining components. In the rail industry, PolyGlobal’s shock absorbing solutions work to improve comfort, reduce noise and increase safety by absorbing track vibrations. Also supplied to a number of other critical sectors, these solutions provide excellent durability and enhance the lifetime of the parent machines.