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Material Handling Solutions

The movement of products, components, raw materials, equipment and baggage, is facilitated worldwide by PolyGlobal’s material handling solutions.


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Rollers, Wheels & Coatings

PolyGlobal’s rollers are used throughout our industry sectors in a number of applications. With the manufacturing and tooling capabilities offered by PolyGlobal, we provide a variety of solutions from small nylon products utilised as skateboard wheels through to larger transport solutions that facilitate offshore piping and tank wheels for water treatment works.

Our materials offer high abrasion resistance providing excellent performance as transfer rollers, guide wheels and drive rollers, By providing a full range of shore hardness’ and offering shot blasting, bonding, and machining, PolyGlobal offers a full service roller solution.

Cord & Tube

PolyGlobal offers a range of polyurethane cord and tube mainly serving the manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical industries. Transmission drive belts and other extruded profiles can be supplied to a range of specifications and bespoke profiles can be manufactured to provide new solutions or match existing usage.

Baggage Handling

Small and large airports across the world are underpinned by successful baggage handling systems. Working alongside engineering partners and deliverance companies, PolyGlobal has provided bespoke solutions to help support the transportation of transfer and arrival baggage.

Conveyor Belting

PolyGlobal offers a range of conveyor belting solutions to suit applications in a number of industries. PolyGlobal’s belting is available in a range of specifications.