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Material Processing Solutions

PolyGlobal’s material processing solutions have provided advanced performance results. Working to prepare, refine and transform materials, PolyGlobal’s components are utilised across all our industries.

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Star Wheels

PolyGlobal is a world leading star wheel manufacturer. Predominantly used in the recycling, waste management and agriculture industries. Star wheels are also referred to as separator wheels, de-stoning wheels, screening wheels or harvesting wheels. We manufacture star wheels in a range of shore hardness’s and colours to suit a number of requirements and operations. As our moulds are tooled and machined in house we have often modified existing and traditional designs to maximise and improve performance.


PolyGlobal’s scraper blades are utilised across a number of industries. Polyurethane scraper blades, supplied as replacements or new components, are manufactured to be extremely hard wearing and are highly resistant to abrasion. PolyGlobal produces blades in a range of hardnesses and colours to suit standard or bespoke bolt/fitting holes. Scraper blades are utilised in the Agricultural industry as yard, tractor or slurry scrapers and in the utilities industries as snow plough blades and water treatment scraper blades.


Manufactured using both PolyGlobal’s manufacturing processes, injection and cast moulding, dispensing and processing nozzles are supplied for a number of purposes. Utilising our material’s resistance to impingement wear, PolyGlobal’s nozzle solutions are used to dispense water, sand and other abrasives. PolyGlobal also supplies a number of solutions for shot blasting machines.

Moulding Bags

PolyGlobal is a leading international supplier of polyurethane isostatic moulding bags. Working to support press operators and original equipment manufacturers, PolyGlobal is able to supply bespoke moulding bags to suit an array of applications through its in-house tooling and engineering department. PolyGlobal supplies an extensive moulding bag range for SIMAC isostatic presses.


Polyurethane squeegee blades are used extensively as they are non-marking and solvent resistant. Along with PolyGlobal’s other material processing solutions, our squeegees have provided advanced performance results in screen printing and floor cleaning.


PolyGlobal provides a number of engineering solutions that help process other materials. Polyurethane acuform sections are used in metal working operations to help prevent damage to sheet metals when bending and processing.