Substantial Investment at PolyGlobal

Posted on: 8th May 2018

Photo of Covestro Baule Universal Machine on factory floor

In March 2018, PolyGlobal saw further, substantial investment at their manufacturing site in Wakefield with the arrival of a new Covestro Baulé® Universal Machine within their Cast Moulding department.

The Baulé® Universal Machine is a reliable processing machine dedicated to efficiently manage daily production. With its flexibility and productivity, it can be used for all types of polyurethane casting techniques.

PolyGlobal have the capability to produce a wide range of bespoke and standard products within their cast manufacturing process. The key properties of the materials offered by PolyGlobal allow them to manufacture high quality protection solutions, such as Bend Stiffeners, Bend Restrictors and Chafe Protectors that are ideal for applications within the Offshore and Marine sector.

Photo of cast manufactured parts

This area of the business has seen continual growth over the last 12 months. With demand increasing, this new investment is an essential addition to PolyGlobal’s existing machinery to increase capacity levels and maintain competitive lead times.

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