Supply Chain Issues?

Posted on: 7th May 2020

Have you noticed changes within your supply chain recently? You may have seen issues with either supply into your business, or with your outward supply to your customers, particularly to and from the Far East.

Primarily an exporter of finished goods, PolyGlobal has recently noticed significant changes in the carriage costs to China for example. Equally, their raw material suppliers from Germany and Italy have advised similar experiences.

With the global economy changing rapidly over recent years, offshoring, the practice of transferring processes or services overseas, is in many cases becoming a less viable option.

Increases in labour costs and carriage charges, excessive lead times, large minimum order requirements and quality issues have all contributed towards a change in trend towards the reshoring of manufacturing work.

With post- Brexit trading arrangements still to be finalised, this will be a large influence on the realignment of UK manufacturing and subsequently on reshoring activity.


Reshoring is the practice of transferring a business operation that was moved overseas back to the country from which it was originally relocated.


There are many reasons why a company may look to move their manufacturing processes closer to home, including:

  • Cost reduction opportunities.
  • Logistics – Being located geographically closer to suppliers and customers can often mean reduced carriage costs, faster lead times and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Versatile manufacturing options which can offer more flexibility for production quantities and modifications.
  • Product & service quality.

Once the decision has been made to reshore a manufacturing process, it is crucially important to find the right supply partner. Key considerations should include their capacity and capabilities, versatility, and quality standards amongst others.

PolyGlobal have formed strong direct partnerships with the major raw material suppliers across the world meaning that the cost of production in the UK and Asia is only significantly affected by labour costs. PolyGlobal’s flexible manufacturing options include automatic injection moulded runs for mass volume production.

About PolyGlobal

PolyGlobal specialise in the injection and cast moulding of engineering plastics and mould manufacture. All aspects of their manufacturing process take place at their site in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and has done for almost 35 years.  

PolyGlobal building

Decades of experience and technical knowledge enable PolyGlobal to work closely with both new and existing customers. They provide a full in-house service, from initial drawings or sketches through to CAD modelling, 3D printed prototyping, mould manufacture, through to full final production runs.

They are proud members of Made in Britain, an organisation supporting and promoting British manufacturing, and are on the steering committee of the Wakefield Manufacturing Forum, actively supporting their local manufacturing network.

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