Design Considerations

There are a number of critical considerations to be taken into account when designing or modifying a mould and our technically experienced team can help you make the right decisions for your individual requirements.

It is important to consider your future production requirements as there is a direct link between cost effective tooling and the value of subsequent parts.

 Technical design considerations may include:

Side Actors : For parts where there are negative angles (details that are perpendicular to the axis of mould opening) side actors that move outwards as the mould opens may be necessary to allow the part to be de-moulded. These add to the moulds complexity and cost but are not always required. They are dependant on the design of the part and the rigidity of the moulded material and can sometimes be formed by negative steps in the fixed or moving halves.

Ejector Pins : Moulded parts, particularly those produced in hard materials such as nylon, will often need assistance in releasing themselves from the mould. Often, we will use ejector pins to push the part from the mould as it opens. This can sometimes leave small circular impressions in the moulded part.

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