Identification Marks & Engraving

As part of our bespoke service we can incorporate company branding, identification marks and product/part references into your mould.

The marking and identication of tools and components can be advantageous in stock management and rotation, batch control and traceability.

Image showing 4 identification press stamps with various symbols

Date stamps and labelling allows greater batch control as moulded parts can easily be linked to the date of manufacture. Various options include month and year of production, which will link to specific production notes.

PolyGlobal also incorporates material or application specific marks which are integral to the part in question. For example: Food Safe, Recyclable, Recyclable/Material Identification, CE Markings. Registered and Trademark markings are also available.

Company branding is increasingly critical in retail and consumer applications. It is also important to protect intellectual property rights and/or research and development investments.

The addition of a company or product logo/name is an important design consideration. Depending on the product itself, these additions can be sunk in to the part or raised on the surface. As such, these considerations need to be incorporated in to the mould design at the earliest stage possible.

For consumable parts, or those used in engineering or manufacturing applications , product reference numbers can often be critical to ensure the correct option is used as a replacement part, maintaining integrity of supply.

If you have specific requirements we are happy to discuss these with you.

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