Work Experience Day 2 Blog

Posted on: 5th Jul 2016

My second day of work experience was quite a busy one in actual fact, undertaking many different activities. This morning I wrote a case study, under the guidance of Andy, which went onto the website. The Case Study was telling the story of how PolyGlobal were contacted by a global recycling based company, who needed a material handling solution for a newly designed machine. The solution had to be durable, abrasion resistant and strong. Writing the piece for the website was interesting, as it gave me an insight into the process of the team at PolyGlobal and how they undertake a variety of different testing procedures and detailed research in order to create the best possible product for the buyer.

In the afternoon, Andy made me aware of how the company handles and keeps track of all of their buyers and products. Again this was fascinating, as it allowed me to understand how a company is able to organise themselves financially.

Finally, as I said yesterday, I wanted to create more of a personal feel on the website and on social media, something that isn’t evident, despite being an incredibly friendly work environment. I therefore staring work on a “Meet the Team” section. I’m really keen on promoting this idea, as it will show to potential buyers looking on website that there is a real tight knit and experienced team behind the PolyGlobal image.

Until tomorrow…

Matthew Rees

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