Work Experience Day 3 Blog

Posted on: 7th Jul 2016

Today was a detailed and methodical, but overall very productive, day.  In the morning, Andy explained the whole re-branding process of the company in the morning and this was incredibly useful, as marketing is a possible career avenue I wanted to explore. I didn’t realise just how much time and effort had to be put in, in order create a new logo and colour scheme and how hard it was to put the new ideas into action. In addition to this, my work on the social media was beginning to take shape! Twitter followers have increased by 55 people since I’ve been here, whilst Facebook and Instagram are also beginning to get a few more likes as well. In order to help get a bit more publicity, I contacted Shaw Cross Sharks and Batley Boys rugby teams (who PolyGlobal sponsor), asking them to give us a mention. Both helped out wonderfully and this has really helped to increase PolyGlobal’s social media profile, but also emphasises the community aspect of the company.

In the afternoon I got to work on creating a new cover photo for Facebook and Twitter, which was the time consuming part of the day! In all it took my about 3hrs trying to edit and re-edit the photo, the font and the whole placement of the lettering and logo. Here’s what I started with:



Image showing a drill





And this was the final piece:

Image showing a drilling machine and PolyGlobals contact details overlaid in white text

Overall, I think I’ve done a good job, as it manages to get all of the crucial information onto the picture, whilst still looking quite professional and well organised.

Thanks again for having a read and let us know what you think of the new cover photo.

Matthew Rees.

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