Work Experience Day 4 Blog

Posted on: 8th Jul 2016

Today was yet another incredibly productive day and my most enjoyable since being here. In the morning I completed editing the social media pages and was given the task by Andy to analyse a brand. The brand I decided to look into was Sports Direct, analysing the various different aspects of their brand, such as their values, target audience and overall marketing techniques. Again this was a valuable to me, as it allowed me to understand the whole process behind a companies marketing process and how they try and appeal to the customer. Also, it highlighted the importance of having a respectable public image, as due to the revelations regarding employee treatment at Sports Direct, their sales have been hit massively by the extensive media coverage of their company!

In the afternoon, I interviewed Rob, Jamie and Nick, all guys who work on the shop floor, helping me develop my personal profile of the individuals behind the PolyGlobal team. I can’t thank them enough for taking time out of their busy schedule to help me out and it’s reminiscent of the friendly and welcoming nature of everyone I’ve met so far this week. My last day is tomorrow and I hope to complete these profiles and a few more, so that I can get it on the website and create a personal feel to it.

Thanks again for having a read!

Matthew Rees

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